Welcome to the Chief Garry Park Neighborhood!   

By ordinance the City of Spokane created the Neighborhood Council program to improve communication and provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in the civic process.

The Chief Garry Park Neighborhood is one of the cornerstone neighborhoods of Spokane, rich in tradition, history, and wonderful citizens! As a resident of Chief Garry Park, you have many opportunities to become involved in neighborhood events and decisions. If you are not yet a resident of Chief Garry Park, we encourage you to consider our neighborhood as place of residence. Each neighborhood is represented by a Neighborhood Council and each Neighborhood Council falls within one of three Spokane City Council Districts.

Chief Garry Park falls within Spokane City Council District #1 and is represented by Councilman Johnathan Bingle and Councilman Michael Cathcart. Any resident /business owner/property owner within the boundaries of Chief Garry Park Neighborhood (includes Parkwater) can participate in the Neighborhood Council, and we encourage you to become an active member of your neighborhood.  Colleen Gardner chair 2022, other offices include:  Luc Jasmin-Vice -chair, Betty Kraft Secretary, Zach Lewis treasurer they can be reached via our email address chiefgarryparknc@gmail.com. Check us out on our Facebook page/Nextdoor for updates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you want to receive direct news, please send your email to our distribution list at chiefgarryparknc@gmail.com In 2022 the Neighborhood Council meetings were changed to the 3rd Wed of the month, currently thru Zoom you can email us if you would like the link the Monday prior to meetings

We use this page on a limited basis due to most folks are now using Facebook/Nextdoor/Distribution list to keep updated on information relative to the neighborhood and we found very few folks we are using our Webpage

You don’t have to move to live in a better neighborhood

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!! Come get involved and learn about your neighborhood and your city!!